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Introduction to EasyFit 5.5

EasyFit is a data analysis and simulation application allowing to fit probability distributions to sample data, select the best model, and apply the analysis results to make better decisions. EasyFit can be used as a stand-alone Windows application or with Microsoft Excel and other third party Excel-based simulation tools, leaving the complex technical details behind the scenes and enabling you to focus on your business goals.

Key Features

EasyFit combines the classical statistical analysis methods and innovative data analysis techniques, making it a tool of choice for anyone dealing with probability data. Product features include:

Excel Integration

Excel users can apply the power of EasyFit without the need to leave their favorite spreadsheet application. EasyFit seamlessly integrates into the main menu of Excel, allowing you to perform data analysis and simulation right in Excel.

EasyFit provides more than 650 additional Excel worksheet and VBA functions which can be used to carry out advanced probability calculations such as Monte Carlo simulation. For more information, please see Using EasyFit with Excel.

Note: The Excel integration is only available in the Professional Edition of EasyFit. To learn more about the product editions, please visit our Web site.

Additional Features

With EasyFit, you can:

  • analyze large data sets (up to 250,000 data points);
  • improve the validity of models by applying the advanced distributions;
  • calculate descriptive statistics;
  • enter and manipulate data using an Excel-like spreadsheet;
  • organize your data and analysis results into Project Files;
  • view distribution graphs and explore their properties without entering the data;
  • export analysis results.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 or Windows Server 2008/2003;
  • 20 MB available hard disk space;
  • 128 MB available RAM.

EasyFit is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. Note that Excel is generally not required, but if you have it installed, EasyFit will also work as an Excel add-in, in addition to a stand-alone application.

Stay Updated

To obtain the latest information on EasyFit, please visit http://www.mathwave.com/products/easyfit.html

The latest version of EasyFit can be downloaded from http://www.mathwave.com/downloads.html

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