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EasyFitXL provides an efficient random number generator which can be applied in statistical simulation as a stand-alone tool or with third party Excel-based simulation software. The generator can be used in three ways:

  • from the main menu: the easiest way to generate random numbers is using the EasyFitXL|Random Numbers main menu item (see below for details);
  • in worksheets: for each probability distribution, EasyFitXL provides a high performance random number generation function which can be applied in your Excel worksheets (learn more);
  • in VBA applications: implement custom simulation solutions in Excel VBA (learn more).

Using the Main Menu

To quickly generate random numbers and store them in the current worksheet or another location, choose the EasyFitXL|Random Numbers menu item. EasyFitXL will display the dialog allowing to select a distribution and specify distribution parameters (learn more).

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