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Distribution Code Names

Each distribution in EasyFitXL is assigned a unique code name to be used with worksheet and VBA functions. The following table lists the supported distributions and their code names:

Code Name
Bernoulli Bernoulli
Beta Beta
Burr Burr
Binomial Binomial
Cauchy Cauchy
Chi-Squared ChiSqr
Discrete Uniform DUniform
Dagum Dagum
Erlang Erlang
Error Error
Error Function ErrFunc
Exponential Exp
F Distribution F
Fatigue Life FatigueLife
Frechet Frechet
Gamma Gamma
Generalized Extreme Value GenExtreme
Generalized Gamma GenGamma
Generalized Logistic GenLogistic
Generalized Pareto GenPareto
Geometric Geometric
Gumbel Max GumbelMax
Gumbel Min GumbelMin
Hypergeometric Hypergeom
Hyperbolic Secant Hypersecant
Inverse Gaussian InvGaussian
Johnson SB JohnsonSB
Johnson SU JohnsonSU
Kumaraswamy Kumaraswamy
Laplace Laplace
Levy Levy
Logarithmic Logarithmic
Log-Gamma LogGamma
Logistic Logistic
Log-Logistic LogLogistic
Lognormal Lognormal
Log-Pearson 3 LogPearson3
Nakagami Nakagami
Negative Binomial NegBinomial
Normal Normal
Pareto (first kind) Pareto
Pareto (second kind) Pareto2
Pearson 5 Pearson5
Pearson 6 Pearson6
Pert Pert
Phased Bi-Exponential PhasedBiExp
Phased Bi-Weibull PhasedBiWeib
Poisson Poisson
Power Function PowerFunc
Rayleigh Rayleigh
Reciprocal Reciprocal
Rice Rice
Student's t Student
Triangular Triangular
Uniform Uniform
Wakeby Wakeby
Weibull Weibull

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