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Distribution Fitting Results: GOF Tests

Depending on the chosen goodness of fit tests (see Fitting Options), EasyFit calculates the GOF statistics for each of the fitted distributions. Then, it ranks the fitted distributions and displays them in the form of interactive tables:

You can sort the table rows by distribution name or GOF statistics by clicking the corresponding links in the table. To obtain a detailed information about the goodness of fit of a specific distribution, click on its name. As a result, EasyFit will display the goodness of fit details:

This section lists the critical values for GOF statistics calculated for various significance levels (alpha), as well as the acceptance of the null hypothesis for each of the level values. In addition, EasyFit calculates the P-values based on the Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Chi-Squared GOF statistics.

You can hide the details section by clicking the "hide" link.

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