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Random Numbers

EasyFit allows to generate high quality random numbers from any of the supported probability distributions. Select a distribution from the drop-down list, and specify distribution parameters.


  • Sample Size is the number of data points you want to generate;
  • Random Seed can be used to initialize (seed) the random number generator in order to reproduce the same sequence of pseudorandom numbers; specify a positive integer number (1, 2, ...) to produce a specific sequence; leaving this field blank or setting it to 0 will result in producing a different sequence of random numbers;
  • Destination is the location where the resulting data should be stored.

Click OK to start the random number generation process.


For every destination type, there is a maximum allowable sample size:

Max. Sample Size
EasyFit data tables 250,000
Excel 2000, 2002, 2003 worksheets 65,536
Excel 2007, 2010 worksheets 1,048,576
Clipboard 250,000
Text files 1,000,000,000


EasyFit uses the Mersenne Twister algorithm which generates very high quality pseudorandom numbers. The generator has a period of 219937-1 (more than 106000) and passes numerous tests for statistical randomness, including the well-known Diehard tests (a number of statistical tests for measuring the quality of a set of random numbers). These qualities, along with its high speed, make the Mersenne Twister generator an algorithm of choice for most statistical simulations.

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