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Distribution Fitting Options

This dialog is available from the main menu (Options|Fitting) and is used to specify the options affecting the distribution fitting process.

The dialog contains three pages: Distributions, Bounds, and General.


Use the check boxes to specify the distributions you want to be automatically fitted to your data. This option can be used to disable one or more distributions. If you disable all distributions and run the fit, no distributions will be fitted automatically, but the results window will display anyway (see Manual Fitting).


Both Lower Bound and Upper Bound settings affect the distribution fitting process (see Domain Bounds for details).

General Options

Many distributions supported by EasyFit are fitted using the MLE (Maximum Likelihood Estimates) method. For most of them, the iterative parameter estimation algorithm is used. EasyFit provides a way to specify the maximum number of iterations and the accuracy of the estimation which affect the behaviour of this algorithm.

The General Options page also allows to specify which goodness of fit tests should be performed. Please note that you should rerun the fit for the changes to take effect.

To have the specified options saved now and loaded every time EasyFit starts, click Save.

To fit the selected distributions to data, click OK, and choose Analyze|Fit Distributions from the main menu.

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