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This command allows to export the analysis results.

Output graphs can be exported to JPEG, BMP, WMF, or EMF image files. While JPEG and BMP represent raster graphics formats, WMF (Windows Metafile) and EMF (Enhanced Metafile) are the standard vector formats supported by many text editors and other applications. For example, Microsoft Word allows to import and edit WMF and EMF images (you can change colors, fonts, titles etc.)

In addition to the image file formats, EasyFit allows to export the fitted distributions to CSV format. You should select at least one valid (correctly fitted) distribution for this option to be available.

Resulting tables (such as descriptive statistics or goodness of fit results) can be saved as HTML (hypertext) files which can then be viewed using your Web browser. HTML files can also be imported into such applications as Microsoft Word, so they can be modified or included into your documents.

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