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Pert Distribution


(most likely value) - continuous mode parameter ()
, - continuous boundary parameters ( < )



The Pert distribution is a special case of the Beta distribution specified by the parameters

Probability Density Function

Cumulative Distribution Function

where is the Beta Function,  and is the Regularized Incomplete Beta Function.

Worksheet and VBA Functions

The following worksheet and VBA functions are available for this distribution:

VBA Functions
Worksheet Functions
Distribution Fitting - =DistFit("Pert";Data;[Options]1)
Probability Density Function PertPdf(x,m,a,b) =PertPdf(m;a;b)
Cumulative Distribution Function PertCdf(x,m,a,b) =PertCdf(m;a;b)
Survival Function PertSurv(x,m,a,b) =DistSurv("Pert(m;a;b)";x)
Hazard Function PertHaz(x,m,a,b) =PertHaz(m;a;b)
Cumulative Hazard Function PertCumHaz(x,m,a,b) =DistCumHaz("Pert(m;a;b)";x)
Inverse CDF (Quantile Function) PertInv(P,m,a,b) =PertInv(m;a;b)
Random Numbers PertRand(m,a,b) =PertRand(m;a;b)
Mode PertMode(m,a,b) =DistMode("Pert(m;a;b)")
Mean PertMean(m,a,b) =PertMean(m;a;b)
Variance PertVar(m,a,b) =PertVar(m;a;b)
Standard Deviation PertStdev(m,a,b) =PertStdev(m;a;b)
Skewness PertSkew(m,a,b) =DistSkew("Pert(m;a;b)")
(Excess) Kurtosis PertKurt(m,a,b) =DistKurt("Pert(m;a;b)")

  1. The Options parameter is optional. Possible options:
    • "a=value"  (example: "a=0")
    • "b=value"  (example: "b=10")
    • "a=value1;b=value2"  (example: "a=2;b=8")
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