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Distribution Fitting Results

The Fitting Results window displays the graphs and tables enabling you to compare the fitted distributions and select the most appropriate model:

The window contains three pages:

  • Graphs: displays the output graphs generated by EasyFitXL;
  • Summary: general fitting results (distribution names and parameter values);
  • Goodness of Fit: the interactive goodness of fit results table.

Applying the Results

Once you select one or more distributions which best fit to your input data, you can apply them to perform specific calculations in Excel worksheets or VBA applications. Open the Graphs page, select one or more fitted distributions from the list, and choose the Tools|Copy menu item. The distributions will be copied to the Clipboard in text format, one at a line:


Now you can close the results window and return to Excel. In Excel, the selected models can be pasted from the Clipboard into the worksheets and used to construct more complex formulas (see Worksheet Functions).

Exporting the Results

The analysis results (graphs and tables) can be exported (File|Export), copied to the Clipboard (Edit|Copy), and printed (File|Print).

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