EasyFit – Easily Fit Distributions to Your Data!
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User Interface

EasyFit provides an intuitive and easy to use interface making your work more productive and efficient. All product features are available from the Main Menu, while the most frequently used functions can be accessed from the Toolbar. The Status Bar displays hints and other specific information.

Project Components

An EasyFit project typically consists of Data Tables and Analysis Results. These components are displayed as separate windows inside the main EasyFit window. The Project Tree is a list of all your project components organized into categories for easier navigation.

The Project Tree can be used to switch between windows, rename them, or delete them. Double-clicking a Project Tree item allows to activate a corresponding window. The popup menu (right click on an item) can be used to rename/delete the components of your project.

When a project is saved, EasyFit incorporates all of the project components into a single file.

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