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Hypergeometric Distribution


- integer sample size   ()
- integer number of tagged items   ()
- population size  (positive integer)




The Hypergeometric distribution models the number of tagged items in a random sample of size n taken without replacement from a population of N items, m of which are tagged.

Note that EasyFit cannot estimate all three parameters of the Hypergeometric distribution since such an estimate would be unreliable. To correctly fit this distribution, you should manually specify the n parameter and one of the remaining two parameters (m or N).

Probability Density Function

Cumulative Distribution Function

where is the Binomial Coefficient "a Choose b".

Worksheet and VBA Functions

The following worksheet and VBA functions are available for this distribution:

VBA Functions
Worksheet Functions
Distribution Fitting - =DistFit("Hypergeom";Data;Options1)
Probability Density Function HypergeomPdf(x,n,m,N) =HypergeomPdf(n;m;N)
Cumulative Distribution Function HypergeomCdf(x,n,m,N) =HypergeomCdf(n;m;N)
Survival Function HypergeomSurv(x,n,m,N) =DistSurv("Hypergeom(n;m;N)";x)
Random Numbers HypergeomRand(n,m,N) =HypergeomRand(n;m;N)
Mode HypergeomMode(n,m,N) =DistMode("Hypergeom(n;m;N)")
Mean HypergeomMean(n,m,N) =HypergeomMean(n;m;N)
Variance HypergeomVar(n,m,N) =HypergeomVar(n;m;N)
Standard Deviation HypergeomStdev(n,m,N) =HypergeomStdev(n;m;N)
Skewness HypergeomSkew(n,m,N) =DistSkew("Hypergeom(n;m;N)")
(Excess) Kurtosis HypergeomKurt(n,m,N) =DistKurt("Hypergeom(n;m;N)")

  1. The Options parameter is obligatory. Possible options:
    • "n=value1;m=value2"  (example: "n=20;m=50")
    • "n=value1;N=value2"  (example: "n=20;N=100")
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