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Distribution Fitting Results: Graphs

EasyFit displays a variety of graphs allowing you to visually assess the goodness of fit of one or more distributions at the same time. To select several distributions, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the distributions you wish to display the graphs for.

Use the Toolbar buttons to switch between the different graph types.

To change the graph options, select Options|Graph (or Graph|Options when using EasyFitXL) from the main menu. For more information, see Graph Options.


The Tools menu provides a number of useful commands:

  • Add Distribution allows to add more distributions to the list; you can add as many distributions as you wish, and you can manually specify the parameter values for each of the distributions;
  • Remove Distribution can be used to remove one or more selected distributions from the list;
  • StatAssist displays the selected distribution in the StatAssist window;
  • Random Numbers allows to generate random numbers from the currently selected distribution;
  • Rank by menu items allow to specify how the distribution list should be ranked (ordered);
  • Options|Show Parameters shows or hides the distribution parameters window (see Manual Distribution Fitting);
  • Options|Properties displays the Distribution Properties dialog allowing to change specific distribution visualization settings;
  • Copy copies one or more selected distributions to the Clipboard; the distributions are copied in text format (dist. name and semicolon-separated parameter values); this feature can be useful for transferring the fitted models into Excel for further use in worksheets and VBA applications (see Using EasyFit with Excel).

Working with Graphs

All graphs enable you to perform the following operations:
  • Move (Pan): Press the right mouse button on a graph and drag mouse.
  • Zoom: Hold the left mouse button and drag mouse towards down/right. You will see a rectangle around the selected area. Release the left mouse button to zoom in. You can continue zooming in again and again. To restore (undo) the zoom, drag mouse in the opposite direction (up/left).
  • Copy: To copy a graph to the Clipboard, select Edit|Copy from the main menu.
  • Export: To export a graph to an image file or a CSV data file, use the File|Export menu item. Please note that you have to select at least one correctly fitted distribution to be able to export to CSV format.
  • Print: Use the File|Print menu option.
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