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Binomial Distribution


- number of trials (positive integer)
- continuous success probability ()



Probability Density Function

Cumulative Distribution Function

where is the Binomial Coefficient "a Choose b".

Worksheet and VBA Functions

The following worksheet and VBA functions are available for this distribution:

VBA Functions
Worksheet Functions
Distribution Fitting - =DistFit("Binomial";Data;[Options]1)
Probability Density Function BinomialPdf(x,n,p) =BinomialPdf(n;p)
Cumulative Distribution Function BinomialCdf(x,n,p) =BinomialCdf(n;p)
Survival Function BinomialSurv(x,n,p) =DistSurv("Binomial(n;p)";x)
Random Numbers BinomialRand(n,p) =BinomialRand(n;p)
Mode BinomialMode(n,p) =DistMode("Binomial(n;p)")
Mean BinomialMean(n,p) =BinomialMean(n;p)
Variance BinomialVar(n,p) =BinomialVar(n;p)
Standard Deviation BinomialStdev(n,p) =BinomialStdev(n;p)
Skewness BinomialSkew(n,p) =DistSkew("Binomial(n;p)")
(Excess) Kurtosis BinomialKurt(n,p) =DistKurt("Binomial(n;p)")

  1. The Options parameter is optional. Possible options: "n=value"  (example: "n=25")
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