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Using EasyFit with Excel

EasyFitXL is a Microsoft Excel add-in allowing to use most of the data analysis and simulation capabilities provided by EasyFit (the stand-alone desktop application) without the need to leave Excel, and contains a number of Excel-specific features.

Note: EasyFitXL is only available in the Professional Edition of EasyFit. To learn more about the product editions, please visit our Web site.

Benefits of using EasyFitXL:

  • analyze your data directly in Excel and save time required to export data from Excel and import it into EasyFit;
  • apply the data analysis results to perform complex decision making calculations by combining the power of EasyFit with the flexibility of Excel and other Excel-based simulation solutions.

With EasyFitXL, you can:

Main Menu Integration

EasyFitXL creates a new main menu item in Excel 2000, 2002, and 2003. In Excel 2010 and 2007, it can be found on the Add-Ins page. See the Menu Structure topic for information on menu commands.


Please refer to the Sample Workbook topic for information on the sample sheets and VBA applications installed with EasyFitXL.

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