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EasyFit 5.0 :: What's New?

New Probability Distributions

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EasyFitXL - Distribution Fitting for Excel

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The major improvement in version 5.0 is the support for 15 new probability distributions, adding up to a total of 57 different models, and making EasyFit the most feature-rich distribution fitting software available on the market. Below is the list of new distributions (some of them have alternative names indicated in parentheses):

  • Burr (Burr Type 12, or Singh-Maddala distribution)
  • Dagum (Burr Type 3, or Inverse Burr distribution)
  • Error (Exponential Power, or Generalized Error distribution)
  • Generalized Gamma
  • Hyperbolic Secant
  • Kumaraswamy
  • Levy
  • Log-Gamma
  • Log-Pearson 3 (LP3 distribution)
  • Nakagami (Nakagami-m)
  • Rice (Ricean, or Nakagami-n distribution)
  • Pareto (second kind) (Lomax)
  • Pearson Type 5 (Inverse Gamma)
  • Pearson Type 6 (Beta distribution of the second kind, or Beta Prime distribution)
  • Reciprocal

Improvements in EasyFitXL

EasyFitXL (distribution fitting add-in for Excel, a part of EasyFit) now provides new worksheet functions allowing to fit distributions to data and apply the resulting models to perform specific calculations — all without using the visual distribution fitting capability.

The VBA API has been updated to support the new probability distributions. A number of functions for calculating the mode, skewness and kurtosis of most distributions have also been added.

Productivity Improvements

Starting from version 5.0, the built-in distribution viewer tool ("StatAssist") can also be used independently of EasyFit — you can launch it right from your desktop as a separate application.

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EasyFit 4.0 :: What's New?

EasyFitXL – EasyFit for Excel

EasyFitXL Menu

EasyFitXL is an Excel add-in allowing to use most of the features available in EasyFit right in Excel. EasyFitXL is shipped with EasyFit (the stand-alone application), and doesn't need to be purchased separately. If you have Excel installed on your computer, the EasyFit setup program will automatically install and configure EasyFitXL.

EasyFitXL integrates into the main menu of Excel, allowing you to analyze your worksheet data, generate random numbers, and use StatAssist (the integrated distribution viewer) without the need to leave Excel.

EasyFitXL provides about 300 new functions which can be used in your worksheets and Visual Basic for Applications programs, enabling you to perform advanced probability calculations such as Monte Carlo simulation.

The worksheet and VBA functions include PDF, CDF, hazard function, inverse CDF (quantile function), mean, variance, standard deviation, and random number generation for most distributions available in EasyFit.

The supported Excel versions are 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, and 2007.

New Features

The new version of EasyFit introduces the following features:

  • Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Chi-Squared P-values calculation;
  • new graph type (Q-Q Plot);
  • ability to copy graphs to the Clipboard;
  • extended graph customization options (you can change graph titles, fonts, colors, and styles);
  • export one or more fitted distributions to the CSV format;
  • export graphs to the EMF format;
  • new random number generator;
  • ability to specify the random seed in order to reproduce ("replay") the same sequence of random numbers;
  • ability to generate random numbers from the fitted distributions without the need to copy/paste the distribution parameters;
  • ability to generate random numbers directly from StatAssist;
  • mean, variance, skewness, and kurtosis of the Johnson SU distribution;
  • skewness and kurtosis of the Frechet distribution;
  • skewness and kurtosis of the Gen. Extreme Value distribution;
  • improved look & feel.


EasyFit now uses the "2-sided" version of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, and the more accurate K-S critical values table.

Bug Fixes

  • fixed the formula used to calculate the variance of the Generalized Extreme Value distribution;
  • fixed the error which would occur if a project containing a data table with more than 65536 rows was saved and then opened;
  • fixed the error which would occur if a user copied some data from the Excel filtered columns, pasted that data into EasyFit, and then attempted to save the project.

Your Opinion Matters

If you have any feature suggestions or ideas on how to make EasyFit better serve your needs, or would like to provide a testimonial or case study, please let us know.

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