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Distribution Graphs - Compare The Fitted Distributions

EasyFitXL - Distribution Fitting for Excel

Interactive Reports - Assess The Goodness of Fit

EasyFit allows to easily and quickly select the probability distribution which best fits to data, and perform specific calculations using the best fitting model. Key features include:

  • support for over 55 probability distributions
  • powerful automated data fitting mode
  • manual distribution fitting capability
  • high-quality interactive graphs
  • goodness of fit tests

EasyFit provides an integrated environment including the data management, analysis and reporting capabilities, allowing you to organize your work and make it even more productive.

Advanced Excel Integration new

EasyFitXL is a Microsoft Excel add-in making most of the features of EasyFit available to Excel users. EasyFitXL integrates into the main menu of Excel, allowing you to perform data analysis & simulation right in Excel.

EasyFitXL provides more than 650 functions which can be used in Excel worksheets and VBA applications, enabling you to apply the analysis results obtained using EasyFit and integrate them into your custom Excel-based solutions.

EasyFitXL is a part of the Professional Edition of EasyFit.

Unique Features

Numerous unique features make EasyFit a powerful yet flexible solution. With EasyFit, you can:

  • analyze your data sets even if they are very large
  • develop better models by applying advanced distributions
  • make right business decisions using interactive reports

In addition, EasyFit allows to view distribution graphs and perform probability calculations without entering the data, generate random numbers, calculate descriptive statistics, and more!