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Phased Bi-Weibull Distribution

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- continuous shape parameter ()
- continuous scale parameter ()
- continuous location parameter

- continuous shape parameter ()
- continuous scale parameter ()
- continuous location parameter ()

The parameters are constrained by the following relation:


Probability Density Function (PDF)

Phased Bi-Weibull distribution PDF

Phased Bi-Weibull Distribution Fitting

EasyFit allows to automatically or manually fit the Phased Bi-Weibull distribution and 55 additional distributions to your data, compare the results, and select the best fitting model using the goodness of fit tests and interactive graphs. Watch the short video about EasyFit and get your free trial.

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Phased Bi-Weibull Distribution Graphs and Properties

EasyFit displays all graphs and properties of the Phased Bi-Weibull distribution, presenting the results in an easy to read & understand manner. EasyFit calculates quantiles, tail probabilities depending on the distribution parameters you specify.

Random Numbers from the Phased Bi-Weibull Distribution

You can easily generate random numbers from the Phased Bi-Weibull distribution in a variety of ways:

  • directly from EasyFit
  • in Excel sheets using the worksheet functions provided by EasyFitXL
  • in your VBA applications using the EasyFitXL library

Excel Worksheet and VBA Functions

EasyFitXL enables you to use the following functions in your Excel sheets and VBA applications:

Function Name
PhasedBiWeibPdf Probability Density Function
PhasedBiWeibCdf Cumulative Distribution Function
PhasedBiWeibHaz Hazard Function
PhasedBiWeibInv Inverse CDF (Quantile Function)
PhasedBiWeibRand Random Numbers

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