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F Distribution

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- degrees of freedom #1 (positive integer)
- degrees of freedom #2 (positive integer)


Probability Density Function (PDF)

F distribution PDF

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F Distribution Graphs and Properties

EasyFit displays all graphs and properties of the F distribution, presenting the results in an easy to read & understand manner. EasyFit calculates statistical moments (mean, variance etc.), quantiles, tail probabilities depending on the distribution parameters you specify.

Random Numbers from the F Distribution

You can easily generate random numbers from the F distribution in a variety of ways:

  • directly from EasyFit
  • in Excel sheets using the worksheet functions provided by EasyFitXL
  • in your VBA applications using the EasyFitXL library

Excel Worksheet and VBA Functions

EasyFitXL enables you to use the following functions in your Excel sheets and VBA applications:

Function Name
FPdf Probability Density Function
FCdf Cumulative Distribution Function
FHaz Hazard Function
FInv Inverse CDF (Quantile Function)
FRand Random Numbers
FMean Mean
FVar Variance
FStdev Standard Deviation

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